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04102023 Dear Diary,

The night before last I was involved in a car accident involving the police and a stolen vehicle. Crazy but true story. I was riding in the passenger seat in my friend's car headed home northbound on I-25 in between Pueblo and Colorado Springs. We saw police lights in the rearview from far back, those police lights swooped up on the back of our bumper within seconds. I told the driver we had to pull over. At this point, we both assumed the cop was trying to pull us over. We tried to pull over but there was another car there, a silver small SUV car. Unable to pull over completely we stayed in our lane and were rammed from behind by the police. I screamed out loud, “why would they ram us we are pulling over!” We tried again at pulling over and the silver car crashed into us. Then both the silver car and the police car zoomed away from us and left us on the side of the road in a broken car. We watched other officers zoom past us. I was completely confused and terrified, I thought the officer had hit and run us. Finally, another officer stopped to check on us. He told us the silver car was a stolen vehicle the officer was pursuing and that we had simply been in the wrong place at the wrong time. Personally, I think the officer was being reckless on the crowded highway. Throughout the entire investigation which took an hour or two every single officer and paramedic and fireman all insisted that the police car never hit me, and that the stolen vehicle hit me twice. They all insisted without first bothering to ask me, the witness. They insisted, without first conducting an investigation. They insisted, without looking at the evidence or talking with the first officer. I honestly feel like they gaslighted me and are covering for the officer who is at fault. They even tried to arrest my friend for DUI but the two of us hadn’t had any alcohol drinks. Talk about victim blaming. I don’t even think I need to add that all the officers were white, and my friend and I are black. He is much darker than me too. Smh, when will Black Lives Matter?

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