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09012023 Dear Diary,


Dear Diary,

Life is moving so fast right now. Time itself is passing faster than I can process. Fast moving time is a thing that many people experience actually. Maybe everyone. Same as slow moving time. Everyone experiences both, I think. I remember when time moved slowly for me. The most memorable was when I was living in Buford Georgia. I remember night swimming on Lake Lanier. I remember the moon in all her phases. I remember the moons face poking through clouds and how beautiful she was when she was full. I remember her brightness and glory. I remember the feel of the water on my body, I remember the chill of it. I remember the laughter of my daughter and the joy shared between sisters.



Dear Diary,

I’m in Tampa visiting family. It is hot, humid, and raining here.


Dear Diary,

I’m distracted. Not nearly enough time has been dedicated to following my dreams. I have to do better. I am already actually. Starting a few days ago, I quit drinking alcohol until mid-October. Can I do it. Of course. Starting Monday, I’ll be doing 5am – 6am at the gym daily. Exercise is absolutely necessary if I’m going to live my best life until one hundred years old. Exercise is desperately needed to preserve the longevity of my body. Heck, exercise will give me immediate reward because it helps my lower back feel better… Why am I lazy with my body? IDK. Well, no more. Out with alcohol, moving forward with exercise.

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