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04122023 Dear Diary,

I am disappointed with myself. It is Day 12 of challenging myself to write 50k words in 30 days. I should be on 25k words by now, but instead my word count is 3292. This is even less than a few days ago because I had to delete a few pages and rewrite them. Not sad about that, the changes needed to be made and the writing is so much better now but sad that I do not have as many words as I feel like I should. I can make the excuse that I am too busy to dedicate enough time to writing, but that is an excuse. I haven’t gotten out of bed before 5am in a few weeks. I should be waking up at 4am and using that time to write my books. I AM LAZY. Sadly. I am a procrastinator who adores sleep, especially in my warm comfortable bed. So how do I fight laziness? How do I find more time? Back to my excuses, I’ve been very active in my community since divorce. I’ve made great new friends and some great connections. I started two groups: a Roundtable Philosophy Discussion group and a Writer’s group for Procrastinators. Both are going great with new members daily. I have been networking every weekend and am on the planning committee for several social groups. I have zoom calls scheduled and I joined the Pikes Peak Writers Group. I am busy. But not too busy to write my books. This would be easier if I didn’t have to work my nanny job 30-50 hours a week, but the bills don’t pay themselves and I can’t stand being broke. My newest adventure that I want to start right away is a nonprofit to help everyone read more. I am thinking I will call it ‘Readers of’ I hope that name isn’t lame, I’ll ask my friends and family if they have better ideas. In the meantime, I am going back to the current novel I am writing, and I am going to write more words.

Word Count: 3292 of 50k

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