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06022023 Dear Diary,

I'm so sad. I got my first rejection letter yesterday. It was from Fuse Literary Agency which made it hurt worse because the agent who rejected me represents books just like mine and we have met in the past in person. Like seriously how could she pass on my books? My books are so good. The rejection letter was clearly a generic letter that is sent to all rejects thus it didn't even tell me why I was rejected. How am I supposed to fix my manuscript if I don't even know what is wrong with it? I wish the thousands of dollars I spent on lawyers for my ex's children (Yes thousands, over six thousand dollars) I had spent on getting my books professionally edited. When I gave all that money to him and his children, I thought i was giving it to secure MY family. I did not know my husband was going to cheat on me and steal away my step children. I miss them so much. How could he do that after everything I gave him? I seriously upgraded his life in every way. He was fat, out of shape, broke, didn't have a car and his children clearly lacked structure and discipline. They didn't drink water or eat healthy food. Like they wouldn't even eat fruit. He did not know how to parent at all, in fact he was a horrible parent who used to drug his children to sleep at night with Benadryl. I changed all of that. I taught him how to parent. I taught the children manners, reading, and immediately made him stop drugging them. I cooked home cooked meals and got all of their health back in line. All this I did, only for him to cheat on me, and he cheated for at least a year. Hell, he probably cheated our entire relationship and I was too busy doing everything for our family and working fifty to sixty hours a week to notice. I wish thoughts of him would stop haunting me, he is a horrible human who does not grow. Why does he get to live in my head rent free? The answer, he doesn't. The thoughts attack, but I combat them with thoughts of my future as a published author. I will be published, and soon too. Fuse Literary Agency will be sad they passed on me when my books fly off the shelves of every bookstore. Facts.

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