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06062023 Dear Diary,

Today was a really great day. I slept in. I went to work. Work was incredibly easy because I only had a six-month-old baby who is sweet and always happy. Today she slept for half my shift because sometimes babies do that. After work was finished a friend invited me to go boating in a kayak on quail lake. That sounded really fun, so I said yes and spontaneously went kayaking. The clouds were covering the sky and the forecast threatened rain, but we were not rained on, not even a drop. I made a new friend who came kayaking with us. We're gonna go hiking together and she may come to one of my philosophy talks. So that's very exciting. It was a lovely afternoon. After that I came home, changed clothes, and went to my first boot camp fitness class. The class went really well; my legs and abs are burning right now. As they should be after a good workout; lol. I made a new friend there too. She is going to be a great connection because she is also a writer. She may come to my writing group. I purchased my dinner on the way home, so I didn’t have to cook. My dinner was extremely tasty, and I am very full, so mission accomplished on providing my body with nourishment. Then I showered and now I’m ready for bed. I feel confident I’m going to sleep well. So many great things happened today. If only every day was like today. An easy day where things come naturally and smoothly. Today my thoughts were much easier to control and much more positive. I’d love to have more days like today. This is possible with discipline. I feel myself slipping into the comfort of daily life. I need more self-discipline to push myself to do the work necessary to have days like this every day. That’s how I will get to the next level. Self-discipline.

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