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06072023 Dear Diary,

Sometimes I think I subconsciously control the weather. When I moved from California to Atlanta, Atlanta went through a dry spell. It was the driest summer Atlanta had seen in years. In California where I'm from the weather is always dry. It's what I was used to. It felt like the weather followed me. This happened again when I moved from Atlanta to Colorado. My first summer in Colorado the weather was called a monsoon because of all the rain. Again, that is what I had gotten used to because in Atlanta it rained every day and it was very humid. This past winter was the coldest winter that Colorado has seen for a while. It’s the coldest winter I’ve ever experienced in my life. I was also very sad this winter. The saddest I've ever been actually. Maybe the saddest I'll ever be. Perhaps that's why it was so cold. This spring has been very cold and extremely rainy too. We are in yet another monsoon season but perhaps that’s because I’m still a little sad inside. It’s like the weather reflects my emotions? Or my emotions reflect the weather? Perhaps I am the center of the world? Or the only one conscious?

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