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06202023 Dear Diary,

I wish there was a “Path to All Your Dreams Coming True” check list for me to follow. Sometimes I just don’t know what I am supposed to be doing on a day-to-day basis to get the job done. I have always known that I will be a published author one day. I also know that I am finally living in the season of my life where that dream becomes a reality but how do I know if what I did today was the right thing to do? Every time I take rest, leisure, or sleep in late I feel as though maybe I don’t deserve the life of my dreams. Like I didn’t work hard enough to earn it. Is that a thing? I guess it is for some people, as some people need to work much harder to breakout in their desired field than others. I once had an ex-boyfriend tell me I should stop writing novels and be a nurse instead. His argument was that nurses make lots of money, but most writers are starving artists. I get that, but I’m not chasing wealth in the form of money, I’m chasing freedom. Writing my books is work but it is work I enjoy. It is work I can do on my own time frame and schedule. It is work I can do anywhere in the world. And it is work that will pay me plenty of money to do the things I want to do in life. Being a published author is freedom to me. My destiny is to write The Book that saves humanity. Not sure what words will go in that book yet, but I will know when the time is right to write it. Publishing my fiction novels will allow me the freedom to explore the world and find the knowledge and wisdom required to write The Book. But what am I supposed to do today to ensure I’m working hard enough to earn the life of my dreams?

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