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06302023 Dear Diary,

I got you back!!! A lady messaged me on Facebook saying she found a box of books hidden in the back of the storage room of the barbershop where she worked. The same barbershop were my ex was working the day my books went missing. She thought they were mine and seeing how personal they were she thought I should have them back. I rushed over there, of course, and sure enough there was my box with all my favorite books inside. I saw my Diary first, it was right on top but I had to dig through the box to find my dad's bible, I cried when I saw it. The lady said her and another associate were cleaning out the storage room when they found the box. At first they didn't know who it belonged to but as they went through it and read my diary, a photo of me fell out and she recognized me. So I have my books back. This just goes to prove how disgusting my ex is because everyone asked him to return my books to me and he lied to everyone when he claimed to know nothing. This also proves that when you are a good person, good things happen to you and for you. This also proves the power of manifestation, because I never lost hope in getting you back, in fact I kept a shelf open on bookshelf so when my books returned they would have a proper home in my house. I have never been more grateful in my life. I am certainly living my best life.

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