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07072023 Dear Diary,

This year is passing so fast. I can’t believe that it is already July… I love meeting people at airports, is that weird? Probably but some of the best humans our species has to offer are weird, so… I’ve grown so much popularity amongst the bipoc community here is COS since divorce. I went from having no friends in this state (except my EXhusband’s friends, who turned out not to be my friends at all, which is fine because most of his friends were wyt people I don't relate to) to having more friends than I can count in just six months. I say friends, but in reality, they are more like associates. I just don’t know them well enough to fully trust them like I want to trust those I call friends. Regardless, I can’t feel lonely, too many people want to hang out with me. When I throw parties, a lot of people come out. We packed out VIPs. We filled up houses. We loaded down campsites. The main group is the Colorado Springs Black Connection. A group created by three lovely black women who wanted to provide a safe place for black people to gather and just be ourselves. They succeeded, it’s incredible. The group has over two thousand members, I am amongst the most popular. People recognize me when I show up. I joined right as the group was getting big and started offering my help planning some of the events and boom, here I am with a thriving social life. Really, my social life is busier than my work life sometimes. I am out on the town often and I love it. The group members are mostly in their thirties, so we party but we do it with better sense than people in their twenties. At least in my opinion. I count my drinks and drink less and less each time. I’m quite proud of myself actually. It turns out when my life isn’t overwhelmed with step-kids and a cheating husband, I don’t want alcohol as much. Funny how that works out right.

Anyway, what was this entry about? My cat threw up on my desk this morning. I had to run and grab my laptop because she was aiming right for it. I’ll be starting a six-month workshop soon on becoming an entrepreneur. I mean, I still have to fill out the application and they have to select me from the other candidates but since when do I not win at things like that. At the end of the program, my business will be built and thriving. This is exactly what I need, education on entrepreneurship, and the universe sent this opportunity to me, free of charge. I was nominated by one of my new friends. It will cost me only my time and energy, which I have plenty of for chasing the life of my dreams. Actually, my whole life has been the life of my dreams. I’m just so excited for the next chapter, the one I’m currently living and building.

The idea of creating a non-religious church for spiritual growth is growing. This might very well be the business I build in my entrepreneur workshop. People tell me all the time that they believe in me. They say, if anyone can do it, I can. They are right. I can and I will. My destiny has been written in stone since before I was born.

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