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Sunflower Yellow


Sunlight sneaks in through the window,

My dream slowly fades away, Storm cloud gray and ocean blue

The clock tells me it’s time to wake, hearing a Voice, it’s Almighty.

A quiet whisper to wait, I’m not sure if I heard it at all.

A brief moment of pause that saved me from darkness fall.

Who is God? Where is Heaven? What is love?

Sex isn’t love, love isn’t sex, both are connected, yet neither is a part of the other.

Love requires patience, it cannot be without. Patience without love will leave you in a drought for everyone wants love but patience they are without.

Shirts you left behind, a bracelet birthday present, Tons and tons of photos recalling memories of past life shared with someone who never really cared…

Last night’s reading still in my hand, I see a new day, a moment, my life

In this body I rise, Soon comes the familiar cries

Help me mommy, feed me mommy, I need a new iPhone

Days carry on, one by one until the day of my final sun.

Sunflower yellow.

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